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सब सुख लहै तुम्हारी सरना । तुम रक्षक काहू को डरना ॥

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TAG LINE SUGGESTS ALL: Our Director Mr.arun kumar yadav, Is a young dynamic personality. Keeping Belief in Tag line Security For everyone, Employment for every one .At very young age Mr.Arun Started Company With This Tag line, Now with his and company employees effort Company have started Services in more then 4 states. With Same Thing and mission in his hands NEW JAI AMBE SECURITY SERVICES INDIA PVT. LTD. Will surely touch sky.

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Armed security Guard: Jai ambe Security Service staff is trained by retired law enforcement and military officers. Our number one goal is to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. We accomplish this by providing well-trained professional security guards that will perform at the highest level of quality and dedication. Our uniforms and security equipment provide a professional look that is unmatched in the industry. Furthermore our security guards are trained to act as security officers with added skills and responsibilities to perform in the new environment of high technology. Our organization thrives on attention to detail and have systems to ensure continuous contact with our officers as well as our clients. Our weekly account reviews with supervisors and clients gives us the ability to respond and change strategy more efficiently.

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Commercial Security Services We at Jai ambe security services are constantly adapting to the needs of changing markets. A key factor in our success has been our ability to sense the changing requirements in the security industry and evolve accordingly. And much of that success is attributable to the talent and effort of our management and staff. We can integrate our equipment into the electronic surveillance of modern commercial buildings and provide armed or unarmed guards to safely secure the building environment and offices. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, people have become aware and more concerned about security. We therefore have also become more concerned and extremely vigilant about security in public places and in businesses. Our guards not only protect lives but also play an important role in protecting valuables. Our armed or unarmed security guards will patrol the outdoor environment of the business, and watch camera monitors. Our clients know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional.

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Security services for special events Providing Safety and Protection during Special Events: Unfortunately security has become an important feature for our society. Prominent families businesses and individuals have become easy targets for extortion and robbery. We, at Jai Ambe Security Services provide armed or unarmed guards and security officers. The quality, training, appearance and professionalism of ‘Jai Ambe Security Services’ guard and officers are the answer. Provide specialized protection security for a wide range of event: Charity Conventions Business Meetings Hotels Arenas Red Carpet Concerts Conferences Stadiums Private Parties Racetracks Our personance are trained in human relations and their concern for the safety of the community is unshakable. Our patrol cars parked in the parking lot will also act as a visual deterrent and criminals will hesitate before acting.

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Executive Security Services Personal Safety and Protection: Executives and couriers of valuable goods are very lucrative targets for extortionists and thieves. We at.JAI AMBE SECURITY SERVICES provides the most sophisticated ways and means to protect the lives of those who need it. We can provide armed or unarmed protection to one individual or a group of individuals. Whether it is an executive or a courier transporting valuables, we have the proper answer for every situation. We are always prepared to protect lives and goods. The safety of both is very important. Celebrities and entertainers are not immune from that danger as well. Our specialized guards and security officers are well trained within the parameters of that industry and perform their duties impeccably. We are always available to meet the challenges and respond to our clients specific needs. Our guards and security officers are trained and prepared to meet those challenges. Their training, in addition to the security and guard elements, encompasses human relations with emphasis on service, public relations and impeccable appearance. We strongly believe that these subjects are essential to executive protection.

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Security For Telecom Towers: Jai Ambe Security Service is leading service providers of telecom security guards. Owing to the security needs of India, we select and train security guards according to the industry requirements. We understand that security can help to protect men and materials. According to the technological updates and changes in the market, our security guards are also trained to handle the hi-tech security gadgets. From security cameras, walky-talkies, voice recorders, detection machines and a vast gamut of telecom security gadgets, our telecom security team can handle it all. They have the knowledge and understanding of operating other high-end machines like GSM, VoIP, IP-PBXs, time-attendance and access control solutions. They are responsible for checking any unauthorised entry, patrolling at entry/exit points, observing, and promptly reporting any suspicious matter that could affect the enterprises security.

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होली की शुभकामनाएं अरुण कुमार यादव New jai ambe security services india pvt. Ltd.

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Happy and prosperous holi to all May this festive of joy brings colour and happiness to all

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